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Power BI Bookmarks

Power BI bookmarks add so much valuable functionality to the application.  They allow so many capabilities that were missing prior.  Some are true workarounds but some are on par with other BI tools.  Take MicroStrategy and their use of panes – historically difficult to work with – with Bookmarks and the Selection Pane, it is very easy to duplicate this capability in Power BI.  This allows you to change visuals dynamically – or make it look like you are dynamically changing the axis by using bookmarks, the selection pane, buttons/tabs, and either multiple visuals or drill down levels to change the axis.

I have curated a decent list of wonderful blog postings on use cases for bookmarks.  Please visit them, thank them, and give these authors credit.  I hope you find these as valuable as I have.


Use Cases for Bookmarks

Excellent writeup to show useful use cases including dynamically changing the axis, changing colors/types of charts, etc.

Build a Collapsible Slicer Pane for Power BI

Build a collapsible slicer pane to show/hide filters w/ sample pbix file.

Four examples of use cases for bookmarks (clearing filters, tabbed navigation, expand/collapse menu, page navigation).

Using bookmarks to create an app-like experience in Power BI.

Using bookmarks to create pop-up windows.

Dynamically changing a chart axis using bookmarks and buttons

Switching the visible visual shown based on bookmark selection.

Another writeup on dynamically changing visuals using toggles.

Four use-cases for using bookmarks (pagination, clear filters/slicers, switch visuals, and hyperlinks) w/ pbix sample

Excellent overview from Guy In a Cube with pbix sample

Using html, data-driven images and bookmarks to dynamically change visuals

How to use Bookmarks in Power BI for Seamless Report Navigation

Using bookmarks for pagination/navigation

Using bookmarks to clear filters – no pbix

Good walkthrough on using bookmarks to clear filters – no pbix.

Another good walkthrough on clearing filters (video).


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