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We are very passionate about Power Pivot and Tabular data modeling, DAX optimization, Power BI, and Microsoft BI.

With any new technology, there is a need for information in order to improve the utilization of the technology. We built this site to help consolidate and share the wealth of knowledge on those topics.

We have been utilizing Microsoft BI products for over fifteen years and began with Power Pivot when it was still PowerPivot with Excel 2010.  Then, with the Power BI tools in Excel 2013, it was apparent Microsoft was starting to “get it“.  With Power View and SSAS Tabular, and now the implementation of Power BI in the cloud, they continued the pattern.

It is an exciting technology that we fully believe will fundamentally change the business intelligence paradigm to allow business users to fully understand their data.

We have worked with many of the top Business Intelligence tools on the market and know how Microsoft compares.  We have worked with some of the largest companies in the world on their Power Pivot and Tabular implementations and optimizing their DAX usage.

We want to help Microsoft get self service business intelligence into everyone’s hands.  We want to help users like you analyze and understand your data. We want to optimize your data models and DAX coding.  We have provided several links to great software.  Read our articles and provide feedback!  If you would like our assistance in your project, see our consulting page.  We would be glad to help!

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We hope to help you experience the Power of DAX!