Copy Power Queries &/or Folders Between Power BI PBIX Files

I am not sure how I missed the ability to copy Power Queries and/or Folders between PBIX files in Power BI.

Most users are aware of the template capabilities of Power BI – you can create a Power BI model, export the model as a template, and use the template for new solutions.  In some scenarios, that template has too many queries, sources, etc. and you have to remove quite a bit to get a usable model.  If you have been in a situation where you only want a subset of the queries or have a single query that you reuse again and again in multiple models, this capability is golden.

You simply open the model you would like to copy a query or multiple queries (either individually or from a folder), open another model (existing or new), and paste the query(s) in to the new model……simple.

Copy Power Queries

After notifying my coworkers of the ability, one of my coworkers pointed out that if you copy and paste a single query, the tool is smart enough to copy all related queries (i.e. joins, merges, appended, etc.) along with the original query copied.  As well, if a query already exists in the new model with the same name,

Hope this helps improve your data modeling experience.

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