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Blogging Update

Where do people find the time to blog?  I am envious and appreciative at the same time.  Blogging takes time, initiative, dedication, and a desire to share.

Starting a website for your consulting practice is fairly standard.  Blogging allows you to show your knowledge about the topic but also to bring potential clients to your site, build a reputation and credibility, etc.

When I started blogging, I had high hopes (too high).  I wanted to write about topics that were overlooked or provide more detail on topics that were skimmed over, etc.  During that time, the continued growth of Power BI as an industry leader has made the community grow by leaps and bounds.  With that growth, the number of high quality blogs have also grown.  I find it hard to find topics that are original and don’t want to add one more blog post on the same topic being discussed by a dozen others.  Don’t get me wrong, again, I am appreciative of the other blog posts and the multiple different points of view on the same topic definitely adds color and value.

To that end, I want to help curate those topics on my site and will point readers to those other high quality articles as I come across them.  I will add any blogging topics I come across from quality sources that I think are valuable to me and should therefore be valuable to the community as well.

I will add value where I can by posting on any topics I see that can use another perspective or may just be a fun topic.

This community is very giving and I want to give back as well.  I am working on a few other projects in that vein and am looking forward to promote those as well

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