Why I started vizbp…..

I am a hustler. All (most) consultants are in one way or another. You have to be to find consistent work. But, my mind is always thinking of other ways to make money and provide something valuable to others. What can I do or make to make things easier for others. In my career, I … Read more

One Bite Pizza Power BI Analysis

One Bite, Everybody Knows The Rules. It was time for a bit of a fun review. I decided to create a more fun reporting solution this time. If you haven’t watched One Bite pizza reviews from Barstool Sports, you should. It is a funny critique on a venue’s pizza primarily around New York but also … Read more

How to analyze Power BI Usage across workspaces

Workarounds…..workarounds…..workarounds. We all build workarounds as necessary until more enterprise-ready functionality is made available. This is true for Power BI Usage metrics across workspaces. We have usage models for each individual workspace but there are several issues with them. you have to copy the model in order to edit it and make it useful you … Read more

Infor Syteline Reports in Power BI

In working with applications and ERP systems, you will find they are lacking in in-depth analysis and reporting. There comes a time where you realize there is a need for external reporting to augment the standard reporting. This is how the Infor Syteline Reports in Power BI came about. In one of my previous roles … Read more

How to compare Power BI Models

Want to compare models to document improvement?  Want to compare your DEV/QA model with your model in PRODUCTION?  Want to know the model size improvement of modifications made to a model? The ability to compare and analyze models, table, column sizing, and relationships allows you to show the improvements made to a model via optimization … Read more

PowerApps Report Survey to collect user feedback

Need to collect end user feedback on a reporting solution? The ability to create a simple, unobstructed feedback loop is critical to end user adoption and usability of your reporting environment. This is a very simple PowerApps solution built on the PowerApps Employee Engagement Survey Example. It collects critical information on the completeness of data, … Read more

Power BI + Automate Gateway Status

Need to be notified when your Power BI Gateway Datasource loses connectivity? The ability to identify connectivity issues before your end users or sponsors  is critical to end user adoption in your Power BI environment. This solution will be updated periodically as new feature requests and other thoughts on what could be added to improve … Read more

Why you need a Power BI Report Template

Why do you need a Power BI Report Template? When developing reports for an organization, there are two primary considerations for a Power BI Report Template. A consistent look and feel across your Power BI solutions. Consistent components for your Power BI solutions. Simplified development process for your group. A consistent look and feel Include … Read more