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Why I started vizbp…..

Visualization Blueprints - vizbp - is the first marketplace built for reporting and data analysis. Jumpstart your reporting projects with ready-to-use, proven reporting templates/solutions from creators around the world. I am a hustler. All (most) consultants are in one way or another. You have to be to find consistent
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Blogging Update

Where do people find the time to blog?  I am envious and appreciative at the same time.  Blogging takes time, initiative, dedication, and a desire to share. Starting a website for your consulting practice is fairly standard.  Blogging allows you to show your knowledge about the topic but also to bring
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Twitter Account Created – @powrdax

We now have a Twitter social media presence!   @powrdax on Twitter @powerdax was not available!  We Our hope is that we will be able to keep everyone more up to date with Twitter than with articles.  I have such a backlog of articles to share but not very much time to author them.
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