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Power BI Report Template



Need to have a consistent template for your Power BI environment?  Need to provide a cover page with report information, business and technical contacts, and a changelog? Want to auto-document your data model, table/column/measure descriptions, and measure expressions? Also want to capture end user feedback on the Power BI solution from your end users? Providing your development team with a head start on a Power BI solution saves hours, makes your team more efficient, and provides a cohesive look and feel across all solutions. Import your own JSON business theme, logos, and layouts to even further customize your template.

This solution will be updated periodically as new feature requests and other thoughts on what could be added to improve the solution. Make sure you’re running the latest version. The report will have a version displayed and notify you if there is a new version available. Features

  1. Parameter driven data collection to capture and display
    1. Report name
    2. Department
    3. Description of report
    4. Last refresh timestamp
    5. Refresh frequency (to display to the audience)
    6. Business owner and contact information
    7. Business support information and contact information
    8. Technical support information and contact information
    9. Changelog information
  2. Dynamic calendar created in Power Query Uses parameters to dynamically calculate the start and end date to use for your calendar
    1. years to keep
    2. start date option to keep last n number of years based on today’s date or first of year
    3. end date option to use today’s date, end of year date, end of next year date, +1 year, +2 years
    4. week start day (Monday – Sunday)
  3. Self-referencing data definitions from the model once published (optional)
  4. PowerApps report survey (optional)


If you purchase the version with the PowerApps survey included, you will also get a file that includes the PowerApps export. In order to install the PowerApps solution and reconnect the Power BI solution to your newly imported PowerApps solution, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Import the PowerApps solution into your PowerApps environment following the directions to import a PowerApps solution from here:
  2. Remove the PowerApps visual from the report template “Cover” tab.
  3. Add the PowerApps visual back to the report template “Cover” tab.
  4. Add the [ReportName] measure from the ‘_Cover’ table to the PowerApps visual in the PowerApps data section.
  5. Inside the PowerApps visual, follow the instructions to point to your newly imported PowerApps solution in your PowerApps environment.


Download the solution

The solution can be downloaded from your account from after purchase.

  1. On, access the Customer Dashboard.
  2. On the sidebar menu, select Downloads.
  3. You will see all of your purchases and the download links for each.

Install the solution

The solution can be downloaded from your account from  Open with Power BI Desktop.

Want to build it yourself?

Build your own template starting with all data connections you commonly use (set to not load or refresh by default unless standard for all – i.e. calendar), your cover page material, etc. Take a look at the product and see if it would be valuable for you or your organization. It is available on

While there, take a look at other solutions people like me are making available for free or for purchase. Take a look at becoming a seller yourself and offering your solutions in the marketplace.

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