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Power BI Data Dictionary

This app provides Power BI users a simple data dictionary to document your Power BI environment.

Get insights into your Power BI environment that you have access to (including capacities, workspaces, datasets, tables, columns, measures, along with entered description metadata). This allows you to document your solutions, validate measures, locate solutions, etc.



Need to document your Power BI environment?  Need to know what measures are in each model in Power BI? Want to document the DAX expressions and compare them across models? The ability to document your Power BI environment is critical to end user accessibility in your Power BI environment.

This solution will be updated periodically as new feature requests and other thoughts on what could be added to improve the solution. Make sure you’re running the latest version. The report will have a version displayed and notify you if there is a new version available.  




Submit ideas for enhancements of the product:  

Download the solution

The solution can be downloaded from your account from after purchase.

  1. On, access the Customer Dashboard.
  2. On the sidebar menu, select Downloads.
  3. You will see all of your purchases and the download links for each.

Install the solution

The solution can be downloaded from your account from

  1. For using with Power BI Desktop on your local machine, the custom connector (Power BI Data Dictionary.mez) has to be downloaded and Power BI Desktop configured to allow third-party connectors:

Be patient. It takes a few minutes to install and refresh metrics. If the solution shows blank metrics, press F5 to refresh your browser.  

Want to build it yourself?

How to automate a Power BI Data Dictionary

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Power BI Data Dictionary

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