Why you need a Power BI Report Template

Why do you need a Power BI Report Template?

When developing reports for an organization, there are two primary considerations for a Power BI Report Template.

  1. A consistent look and feel across your Power BI solutions.
  2. Consistent components for your Power BI solutions.
  3. Simplified development process for your group.

A consistent look and feel

Include a default page w/ standard titles, layouts, slicers, bookmarks, etc.

Consistent components

Include a last refresh timestamp, a cover page with metadata and contact information, a definitions page, etc.

Simplified development process

In Query Editor, include connections to your most commonly used data sources (set to not load and not refresh) so developers can pick their connections to reference for downstream connections and queries. Include commonly used Power Query functions. Include connections to your Power BI dataflows. This makes the development process just a bit faster to initiate.

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Power BI Report Template

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