Power BI + Automate Gateway Status

Need to be notified when your Power BI Gateway Datasource loses connectivity? The ability to identify connectivity issues before your end users or sponsors  is critical to end user adoption in your Power BI environment.

This solution will be updated periodically as new feature requests and other thoughts on what could be added to improve the solution. Make sure you’re running the latest version. The report will have a version displayed and notify you if there is a new version available.

The Power BI + Power Automate Gateway Status solution utilizes the free Power BI API + Power Automate Custom Connector

Based on your trigger configuration, this can check all of your data sources for all or single gateway configured in your Power BI environment.  Notify owners of the gateway(s) or whomever you specify in the flow.

This allows you to resolve issues with a data source failing on your gateway prior to end users noticing.

Take a look at the product and see if it would be valuable for you or your organization. It is available on vizbp.com:

Power BI + Power Automate Gateway Status

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