Data Model Best Practices

Best Practice - DMWe will start off discussing the data model itself.  

The data model that is created in Power Pivot or a Tabular solution is the foundation of any Microsoft business intelligence solution.

The data model consists of the data structure (including tables and their relationships, columns in the tables, and all measures created), the data itself (actual content in the table rows), and the metadata (the table/column/measure descriptions, formatting, security, etc.).

Starting the solution with a solid foundation (the data model) is critical to the success of the solution.  An optimal data model lends itself to the speed and performance of the solution as well as the usability and user acceptance or adoption of the solution.
We will discuss the following topics related to Power Pivot and Tabular data modeling best practices:

We will modify this posting as we add new content.  We will add links to the new postings and very possibly add new topics as we go.  We have so much information already that we could at least put an outline around the majority of it.  We look forward to sharing this information with you and helping grow the Power Pivot and tabular community.  Check back often or sign up for a subscription so you don’t miss new information!

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