Power BI Wide World Importers Demo

This blog will start off with a word (or a lot of words) of advice for job seekers looking for a new Power BI development position. Bring Power BI examples. DO NOT come empty-handed and explain that you cannot show your prior work because it was confidential data. There are plenty of free data sources … Read more

How to automate a Power BI Data Dictionary

Power BI Data Dictionary @vizbp

Whether you want to analyze an individual workspace or your full Power BI environment (all workspaces and solutions you are an admin of), you will find the Power BI Data Dictionary solution invaluable. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN ADMIN with this product – just an admin of the Premium workspaces you want to … Read more

Why I started vizbp…..

I am a hustler. All (most) consultants are in one way or another. You have to be to find consistent work. But, my mind is always thinking of other ways to make money and provide something valuable to others. What can I do or make to make things easier for others. In my career, I … Read more

Power BI Bookmarks

Power BI bookmarks add so much valuable functionality to the application.  They allow so many capabilities that were missing prior.  Some are true workarounds but some are on par with other BI tools.  Take MicroStrategy and their use of panes – historically difficult to work with – with Bookmarks and the Selection Pane, it is … Read more

Blogging Update

Where do people find the time to blog?  I am envious and appreciative at the same time.  Blogging takes time, initiative, dedication, and a desire to share. Starting a website for your consulting practice is fairly standard.  Blogging allows you to show your knowledge about the topic but also to bring potential clients to your … Read more

Power BI Dashboard Filters

Power BI Dashboard Filters sometimes cause confusion. In one of my many communication channels, there was a question posed related to the ability to add Power BI dashboard filters in order to filter Power BI dashboard tiles.  There is some confusion at times and I would like to make a short article to clear some of … Read more