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PowerDAX provides consulting services for Microsoft Business Intelligence development, troubleshooting, and implementation including Power Pivot, SSAS Tabular, DAX Optimizations, SharePoint, Excel BI Tools and more.


We have the experience you need to implement a successful solution.

We love to help and see the unique and innovative ways that companies are utilizing Power Pivot and Tabular technology. Please do not hesitate to contact us for even the smallest of requests.  We can create a solution within your budget. We are here to help!


BI Solution Consulting

SharePoint Consulting

Do you need help designing a SharePoint BI solution? Are you utilizing Power View and want to design the most user-friendly solution that delivers the business requirements and more? Do you want to implement the most optimal self-service solution? Let us help!

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Remote Assessment

Solution Assessment

Are you receiving the optimal performance from your BI solution? Is the response time meeting business expectations? Is the solution designed for optimal scalability? We can help!

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Enterprise Assessment

Do you want to ensure all facets of your solution (from OLTP to ETL to the PowerPivot/Tabular solution to the BI output) are optimized? Do you have a need for a new BI implementation? Do you want to ensure you have the infrastructure and personnel in place to support your BI implementation? Let us assist you!

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Remote Consulting

Power Pivot Consulting

Do you need help with your data model design? Are you having difficulty with a DAX calculation? Are you looking to optimize your solution? We can help! Our remote consulting services team can discuss your issue(s) and help plan the design for an optimized solution.

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SSAS Tabular Consulting

Do you need assistance with your tabular data model? We can help with design, modeling, calculations, optimization, and anything else related to your tabular data model.

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